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Four year old kindergarten program

4 year old preschool program


15 Hours Per Week

Children that are enrolled in our 4 year old preschool program will be offered a range of learning experiences and activities that are both stimulating and fun.

We ensure that these are both stimulating and FUN.

Your child will be able to:

– learn to work with others and make friends through group activities
– express their creativity through dance, movement and art
– build communication skills through meaningful interactions between other children and the educators
– develop the skills they need for reading, writing and mathematics.

In addition to the core requirements of a 4 year old program, we offer the children a music and sporting program. These are dependent on weather and availability.

Educators: Lisa Seekamp, Laura Polgar, Sharon Taylor and Bec Kotwic

Our educators initiate many opportunities for children to express their thoughts and ideas, to test their theories, to reflect upon their own thinking and to develop and extend their own interests.

Lisa Seekamp
4 year old preschool

Diploma of Teaching Early Childhood,
Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader

Laura Polgar
4 year old kindergarten

Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies

Sharon Taylor
4 year old kindergarten

Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care

Bec Kotwic
4 year old kindergarten

Certificate III Children’s Services